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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.

The Leverage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) in-process non-profit organization offering free consulting services and necessary funds to other non-profit organizations. It is created from a partnership of 1) JPM Quantitative Strategy Advisors, Inc., who donates the intellectual thought capital around the consulting services and related tools, templates, collateral, infrastructure, research and data analysis, funds and 2) several institutions, corporations and foundations that provide collateral, infrastructure, and funds to be disseminated to the non-profit sector.

There is a five-phase approach Phase 1: the combination of JPM Quantitative Strategy Advisors, Inc. and several institutions, foundations, and corporate donating consulting services and related collateral and infrastructure, and funds, Phase 2: all of these services and items are donated and contributed into The Leverage Foundation, who in turns 'partners' with a variety of organizations performing similar services, Phase 3: The Leverage Foundation provides such services, items and funds into a series of three (3) programs (the Escalation Program, the Elevation Program, and the Ascension Program) encompassing nine (9) non-profit sectors (discussed below), Phase 4: detailed consulting service processes including strategy, business, marketing, funding, and risk planning as well as performance monitoring, the contributing funds where strategically needed, Phase 5: delivering all combined offerings as transformational, revolutionary high-value additions into the non-profit sector to drive.

JPM Quantitative Strategy Advisors, Inc. is a for-profit company that provides intensive consulting and advisory services to corporate clients. Their client services include strategy, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, post-merger integration, business operations turnaround, performance and cashflow improvement, business valuation and appraisal, enterprise risk management, operations management, accounting, and finance. For-profit companies speak in terms of net income, cashflow, and return on invested capital (ROIC). These are not readily available concepts in the not-for profit space. However, financers of non-profits are now more than ever seeking similar measures of benefit and return for their monies. Thus, non-profits must be more transparent and accountable for displaying methodologies detailing these benefits and returns. The competition for funds is very intense, and a strong differentiation quality is the ability for a non-profit to not only execute its mission, vision and strategy, but to display critical accountability and optimal performance given the funds donated to it. JPM Quantitative Strategy Advisors, Inc. have taken the relevant complex business and academic ROIC principles from these for-profit services and conformed them to the non-profit sector. They have also conformed industry-leading business efficiency processes around strategy, operations, marketing, risk, and finance and offer it to the non-profit sector through The Leverage Foundation.

Thus, The Leverage Foundation offers this expert non-profit consulting knowledge using proven, innovative, and revolutionary methodologies from the for-profit sector, including Big 4 consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, and prestigious academic institutions. We also utilize extensive research, data, and analytics to fortify our consulting solutions. We many times combine those consulting solutions with foundation funds to leverage returns in the non-profit sector, to gain maximum efficiency, to drive maximum value.

That is, we combine the best consulting practices with discriminating foundation funds together in order to create a larger value-maximizing package to society (the "Leverage"). This is a solution agnostic to the type of non-profit. It is only contingent upon hard work, the willingness to sacrifice, and the deep desire to bring solutions to non-profit sectors which starve for them. This is our Innovation Sustainability Plan.

We offer pre-eminent consulting services to a variety of non-profit sectors, including but not limited to:

  1.  Animal Welfare
  2. Arts, Culture, and Humanities
  3. Education
  4. Environment and Ecological
  5. Healthcare, Health Services and Social Service
  6. International Organizations
  7. Nature, Animals and Wildlife
  8. At-risk, Under-resourced Youth
  9. Bereavement, Memorial and Legacy

We offer several high-utility solutions that encompasses our one overarching sustainability innovation solution : strategic planning services, business planning services, operational planning services, organizational planning services, marketing planning services, risk planning services, and financing planning services. Within the operational and organizational planning services, we also break down balanced scorecards, key performance indicators, SWOT analysis, environmental scanning, competitive analysis, communication planning, RACI structures, and a variety of relevant planning templates. All of these solutions are accompanied by top-caliber consulting support, including guidance and facilitation.

We have three major programs: The Escalation Program, the Elevation Program, and the Ascension Program.

1) The Escalation Program allows non-profit clients a step-change, incremental approach to our solution, utilizing components of our total innovation solution to fill current gaps in either strategic, business, operational, organizational, marketing, risk, or financing planning protocols.

2) The Elevation Program is highly innovative and transformational. It utilizes the entire composite solution, combining full service strategic planning, business planning, operational planning, organizational planning, marketing planning, risk planning, and financing planning. This program also combines foundation funds and grant monies with the consulting services offered. Funds are only provided if the full solution is employed.

3) The Ascension Program can combine elements of our complete innovation solution with selective funding. This program is generally reserved for bereavement causes; smaller causes that support beliefs of young persons who have died tragically without fully realizing their life hopes and work in those causes. All programs are critically important to us, but the Ascension Program is one very near and dear to our hearts.

We not only provide top-tier and innovative consulting services to our clients, but on a case-by-case basis, we also donate funds to our clients. However, we only donate funds if the clients also are engaged with us for the comprehensive consulting services. We believe our services allow non-profit organizations to perform at their maximum effectiveness and efficiency, driving the most social value and benefit for our firm's and our foundation client's monies. By combining exceptional consulting practices with necessary funds for our non-profit clients and the whole non-profit sector, we are undoubtedly maximizing social value.

Thanks for visiting! Let us know where we can help!

The Escalation Program

Delivering step-change solutions.

The Elevation Program

Delivering transformational solutions.

The Ascension Program

Delivering legacy solutions.