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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.


The Leverage Foundation exists to deliver transformational, revolutionary, innovative and disruptive intellectual capacity, collateral, and infrastructure around the leading proven business principles of strategy, operations, marketing, risk and financing from the for-profit sector to the non-profit sector in hopes of seeing all non-profits that request our services exponentially improve the value they can drive to their constituents by becoming more visionary, strategic, focused, effective, and efficient. We expect to do this for free for the non-profit sector.


Who are we?

Our sole purpose is to drive as much value into the non-profit sector as possible. We will use all of our academic training and business experience to enhance the operational performance of every non-profit that seeks our help. Our team is composed of people with a diverse background and set of interests and experience. We have worked in some of the most elite, leading, and innovative companies in the Fortune 500, as well as attended some of the most prestigious universities in the world. We all possess a deep desire to take these proven learning outcomes from these arenas and deliver them to the non-profit sector.

What basic social or political needs or problems do we exist to meet?

The non-profit sector is a deeply underserved market. Many times, the market is neglected, or filled with misunderstanding from the for-profit world about what non-profits really do, and what value they drive. We exist to bring the best theories and practical approaches from the for-profit world and academia into the non-profit sector in hopes of greatly enhancing their ability to deliver on their mission, vision, and values. The for-profit sector attempts to do altruistic work, but truly they do not have the dedicated resources, time or commitment to provide maximum value in this regard. Government is occupied with larger scale items such as national defense, retirement, and healthcare, among other things. Non-profits 'fill the gap' of crucial needs in this world that are neglected by both the for-profit and government sectors. However, funding remains a challenge in this space in order to conduct this large scale work. With proper business protocols, sustainability plans, and key process enhancement, non-profits can maintain their funding through the thick and thin economies.

How do we recognize, anticipate, and respond to these needs or problems?

We continue to monitor and study the non-profit market. We read articles, publications, research and data reports about the segment constantly, and from a variety of sources. We have access to academic and news resources from innovation labs, research departments, and libraries of the University of Chicago, Stanford University, Harvard University and Northwestern University. We have our feet to the ground in the for-profit sector as well in order to maintain and understanding of business theory and funding capabilities. But most importantly, we have continuous dialogue with non-profit leadership and management through interviews and discussion. All of these are critical elements to help us offer the best value product to our clients. We respond to developments and new learning with immediate application of such to our clients, both currently and retroactively.

Hpw should we respond to our key stakeholders?

We should respond to all needs and requests quickly, decisively, emphatically, and robustly. Our stakeholders are the only reason for our existence, whether they be our board of directors, or our clients, regulators, financiers, media members, and more.

What is our guiding philosophy and culture?

Our guiding philosophy is two fold: go with our hearts, then follow with our minds. We have created this endeavor, The Leverage Foundation, with the concept that funds and strategic and operating consulting services should go hand-in-hand to drive maximum value. We felt that using our learned and developed skills for a greater good is extremely important to driving value in this world. We believe in offering anyone the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives, or to improve the quality of the environment we live in. We will support any client that believes in the same.

What makes us distinctive and unique?

We are distinctive by our experience and credentials. We are unique in that we strive to offer a complete innovative sustainability solution to the entire non-profit sector, with no borders or limits, with the potential of combining it with necessary funds. The combination of consulting plus funds is much more potent than one or the other. Further, combining both of these with continuous learning, best practices, data analysis, and research only adds to the 'leverage' of value we provide to the non-profit sector. We thrive on this differentiation, but mostly on our pride, enthusiasm, commitment, and fervor for our non-profit work. And we do it for free.