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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.

Non-Profit Sectors Served

1) Animal Welfare - this program refers to our clients that provide the nurturing, caretaking, and providing of the well-being of animals. Concern for animal welfare is often based on the belief that non-human animals are sentient and that consideration should be given to their well-being, especially when they are used by humans.These concerns can include how animals are killed for food, how they are used for scientific research, how they are kept (as pets, in zoos, farms, circuses, etc.), and how human activities affect the welfare and survival of wild species. By utilizing our consulting services, non-profit organizations that provide animal welfare services can be assured that they are providing maximum value and accountability to the market they serve.

2) Arts, Culture, and Humanities - this program is designed to assist clients that provide services to cultural causes that expand human development. Art is a subset of culture, and humanities is the critical studies of culture. All three are crucial aspects of philanthropy in this day and age, as educational institutions, governments, corporations and other organizations are lacking in the ability to serve this necessary and underserved market. Clients who provide these services vigorously believe that these three dimensions are critical to the productive development of mankind. By utilizing our consulting services, these clients can be assured that they will be using funds to reach as much of an audience as possible and educate as many of that audience as they can.

3) Education - education is crucial to the sustainability of economies. Education gives everyone the chance to flourish to the best of their capabilities. Education allows people the ability to add value to society, learn from others, and enhance knowledge. Education can take many forms, and can serve several markets. By utilizing our consulting services, non-profits that provide for education experiences will enhance their output and ensure that they are maximizing their potential given the dollars that they raise and may require.

4) Environment and Ecological - the protection of the environment and thus the subject of ecology are crucial in assuring that as the world modernizes, mankind gives proper regard to the affects of our actions on this planet and other inhabitant life forms on this planet. By using our services, non-profits that participate in this target market will be provided with leading operational efficiency services and structural solutions. This way, the value they offer given the funds they have and will raise will be maximized.

5) Healthcare, Health Services and Social Service - in addition to education, health services is crucial to allow all people to have a chance at a productive life. The best provision of these services across the greater number of constituents is usually the main cause of non-profits that serve this valuable and sensitive market. Health and social services are incredibly necessary to offer by non-profits because certainly hospitals, private institutions, and government cannot fully serve this market, or serve it effectively. And this is a market that just cannot be left underserved. Our consulting services can ensure that the maximum value is driven for these clients given a finite amount of funding. We will work hard to align with the client interests in order to leave no person without crucial health or social services. These are basic needs of life.

6) International Organizations - international organizations perform the same or similar work as domestic non-profits, but usually are within the confines of different borders, or involve humanitarian aid across borders. Many of these organizations are large, but some are small. All of them can benefit from our consulting services and innovative solutions. The idea is still these organizations, given its cross-border complexities, will benefit even further from strong business principles adapted to its non-profit structure. Business planning, operational protocols, organizational structure, risk planning and management and diverse funding sources are even more important for international organizations. Layers of complexity increase when considering other governments, regulations, transportation and distribution networks, policies and people.

7) Nature, Animals and Wildlife - human beings are not the only ones that occupy the earth. Sometimes, we forget that. This planet is shared with all living creatures, including all species of animals and plants. Therefore, for the delicate balance that sustains life to continue to be in check, nature and wildlife must be prioritized. We are all cohabitants of this planet, thus must find ways to coexist. Coexistence is key. Our solutions ensure that clients that value nature and wildlife and recognize their crucial importance to the future of this planet will run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. They will be assured that our support will provide them the sustainability in operations and funding that they so critically require to carry out their mission and vision.

8) At-risk, Under-resourced Youth - every child deserves a chance in this world. A chance for freedom, education, basic rights, basic necessities, and a loving environment to grow up in. At least an environment with opportunity and support. There are countless noble non-profits that recognize this sector's need, and work hard to ensure no youth goes without care and consideration. Our consulting services allow these clients to flourish in their operations, their organizational structure, their strategy execution, and market reach. We help them to be more efficient with their monies. The combination of operational efficiency, strategic effectiveness, and accountability to funders is critical to the maximizing of value to such youth.

9) Bereavement, Memorial and Legacy - this sector is very near and dear to our hearts. This is where our most professional abilities are dominated by our personal longings to see each of these endeavors succeed. Some people simply die too young, and many die of horrifically tragic and unusual causes. We wish that everyone has the chance to enjoy their youth and develop into productive, inspiring, and gifted adults. The world truly needs exceptional people, and to watch some pass away far too soon, with too much left unaccomplished, is almost unbearable. We must do something about it, using our available talents, resources, and abilities. To ensure that the memory, legacy, and hope of these young people are continued, we offer our consulting services and funds to non-profits that continue their legacies. After all, we are fortunate to have what we have, to have come this far in life, to have achieved and experienced so much. It's time to offer this back to the families and friends of those who did not get their chance. To continue their aspirations and hopes in our lives, with our time and resources, is the least we can do to keep alive the love, life, and laughter they once offered everyone around them. In that, they will live on. "To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die" - Thomas Campbell