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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.

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1) Business Assessment – a complete study of the current state of the enterprise, including internal and external assessment, followed by a study of the expected future state. The difference between the current state and the future state, in terms of infrastructure, processes, programs, people, funds, and technology is the 'gap'. High level assessment document is the deliverable.

2) Strategic Planning – a visitation of the strategic planning process, including mission statement, vision, values, strategy and operational processes and expected outcomes. Strategic plan is the deliverable.

3) Business Planning – a deeply intensive and detailed assessment of the current state of the enterprise, the future vision of the enterprise, and all things in between, including the operational and financial ‘gaps’ needed to be addressed to get the enterprise from the current state to the expected future state; matching strategy with implementation. Business plan is the deliverable, and will include some, many or all elements of the assessment, strategic plan, organizational plan, operational plan, marketing plan, fundraising plan, risk plan, and performance monitoring plan.

4) Organizational Planning – a full, detailed assessment and recommendation of the current and future organizational structures, including people, processes, technology, and infrastructure assets. Also included in this assessment are roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, consulted opportunities, and informed opportunities (“RACI”). Deliverable is an Organizational Plan with Organization and RACI charts.

5) Operational Planning – a full, detailed assessment and recommendation of how all parts of the organization, including people, processes, technology, and infrastructure assets, operate together and work. Estimations of measuring, monitoring and performance are considered and vetted. Communication protocols are assembled to match the organizational structure and RACI. Operational Plan, including the Communication Plan, is the deliverable.

6) Marketing Planning – a full, detailed assessment and recommendation of the critical and supporting marketing processes and endeavors within the enterprise, including market sizing, branding, customer, positioning, product and business segmentation, channel analysis, competitive landscape and environmental landscape, market assessment, economic and business environment, pricing strategy, and product analysis. Selling and advertising methods are considered as a result of strategy, operations, and marketing planning. Marketing plan is the deliverable.

7) Fundraising Planning – a full, detailed assessment and recommendation of crucial fundraising methods and sources that match the business model of the enterprise. Funding plan is the deliverable, with funds if applicable.

8) Risk Planning – a full, detailed assessment and recommendation of risk management, resulting from an assessment of risks, risk severity, risk probability, risk mitigation methods, and risk consequences. Risk plan is the deliverable, including risk matrices.

9) Performance Monitoring – deep assessment of operational and financial metrics in order to gauge true activity performance and efficiency of enterprise: includes value measurement, key performance indicators, balanced scorecards, peer and competitive benchmarking, program evaluation, ratio analysis, relative analysis, trend analysis, asset and capacity utilization analysis, and other quantitative and qualitative methods.

10) Matching Funding Needs - introducing select non-profits to corporate, group, and individual foundations as well as government grant monies. As previously detailed, monies can only be accessed by non-profits that have fulfilled The Leverage Foundation requirements that our consulting solutions have been adapted and implemented. In addition to incorporating the required consulting services, non-profits must write a brief request and needs document, and tie such with their planning documents in order to maintain continuous accountability for results.

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