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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.

The Leverage Foundation Complete Non-Profit Innovation Solution

As can be seen above, there is a five-phase approach that is followed, starting with;

Phase 1: the combination of JPM Quantitative Strategy Advisors, Inc. and several institutions, foundations, and corporate donating consulting services and related collateral and infrastructure, and funds,

Phase 2: all of these services and items are donated and contributed into The Leverage Foundation,

Phase 3: The Leverage Foundation provides such services, items and funds into a series of three (3) programs (the Escalation Program, the Elevation Program, and the Ascension Program) encompassing nine (9) non-profit sectors (discussed below),

Phase 4: detailed consulting service processes including strategy, business, marketing, funding, and risk planning as well as performance monitoring, the contributing funds where strategically needed,

Phase 5: delivering all combined offerings as transformational, revolutionary high-value additions into the non-profit sector to drive.


1) The Leverage Foundation takes a holistic approach to adding maximum value to our non-profit clients. Therefore, we begin each complete solution with an overall business assessment of our client. That is, we take a high level evaluation of the client’s operations, economic situation, competitive landscape, organizational structure, asset and infrastructure footprint, personnel and volunteer group, technology, marketing effort, funding effort, and other states of current affairs. The purpose of this step is to get a specific ‘As-Is’ state, or current scenario. We then deeply interview the Board, management, staff, volunteers and all stakeholders, make our own assessment of the general economic and non-profit climates, and then help management project an image of a future state of operations. That is the ‘To-Be’ state, or future state. The difference between the ‘As-Is’ and the ‘To-Be’ states is the ‘GAP’. The ‘GAP’ is an aggregation of personnel, infrastructure, processes, and technology that requires necessary funds to build and structure. Performing a deep assessment in the business planning stage of this ‘GAP’ is a significant part of the overall solution, and called a GAP Analysis. This is what drives the maximum value for an organization, makes the organization accountable to it, and will be the reason more funding is requested.

2) The Leverage Foundation follows up the Business Assessment with a Strategic Planning process. In this stage, a high-level breakdown of the client’s operations are performed, in addition to the organizational chart, communications plan, market, competitive, and economic landscape, risk assessment, financial summaries, key performance indicators, scorecards, and other performance measures. This stage will provide a client with a Strategic Plan, usually a 5-7 page document which summarizes the aforementioned.

3) In this the third stage of the total innovation solution, a complete business plan is formulated. The business plan is a thorough, deep, intensive and fully comprehensive picture of the organization. The business plan will be very encompassing of all priority components of the business, which can be used to create a variety of other infrastructure and collateral for stakeholders on a dynamic, real-time basis. If the Board needs some basic information for a meeting, they can condense information from this and the Strategic Plan. If the media needs something to go to pubic, they can have a document created from the business plan as well, one that speaks to the general public with simple language, charts and graphics, not sophisticated financers. If regulators need a composite picture of the organization, components of the business plan can be copies and summarized to fit this need. Due to its comprehensive nature, the Business Plan is structured, for the most part, like the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description, Mission and Vision, Product and Service Description
  • 4) Organizational Summary and Basic Business Model Summary (As-Is, To-Be, Gap Analysis)
  • Management and Personnel Summary with Organizational Structure Hierarchy
  • Market Analysis, Industry Analysis, Target Market and Opportunity Summary
  • Competitive Landscape Summary
  • Environmental Scanning, SWOT Summary
  • Strategy and Services Summary with Detailed Business Model Summary
  • 5) Operational Implementation Summary
  • 6) Marketing Strategy, Sales Plan and Developmental Plan (As-Is, To-Be, Gap Analysis)
  • 7) Financial and Fundraising Plan, Funding Forecast (As-Is, To-Be, Gap Analysis)
  • Financial Statements (Audited) Summaries past Three Years, Financial Statement Analysis, Surplus-Deficit Analysis
  • 8) Contingencies and Risk Management
  • 9) Performance Monitoring (KPI’s, Value Measurement, Benchmarking, Ratios, Balanced Scorecards, Graphics)
  • Appendices

10) Finally, after completing a high-level strategic plan and all the thorough analyses and documentation of a business planning process, The Leverage Foundation introduces select non-profits to corporate, group and individual foundations as well as government grant monies. As previously detailed, monies can only be accessed by non-profits that have fulfilled The Leverage Foundation requirements that our complete consulting solutions have been adapted and implemented. In addition to incorporating the required consulting services, non-profits must write a brief request and needs document and tie such with their planning documents in order to maintain continuous accountability for results. This is where we are Matching Funds Needed.

It is imperative to understand that The Leverage Foundation consultants will provide the most sage and effective advisory services to the non-profit clients during the entire solution work process. The basic idea is to lend our support and capacity along with the intensive and deep planning documentation. The Leverage Foundation will never leave a non-profit client unattended, and will always be there to address all needs, issues and queries. After the complete consulting services and/or total solution is implemented, the client should be ready for the resulting funding.