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The Leverage Foundation

Transformational non-profit consulting. Sustainability innovation. Our knowledge is yours.


  • To utilize every resource and effort we have to drive maximum value to the non-profit sector without remuneration.
  • To provide a heart that goes with the mind when delivering top-tier consulting services to the non-profit sector.
  • To never deny a non-profit that has a significant need within one of our sectors covered from attaining the best of our services.
  • To continue to innovate methods of delivering value from the for-profit and government sectors to the non-profit sector.
  • To be fully committed to and conscientious of the needs of our stakeholders and the community at large.


We want to become the preeminent "go-to" combined management consulting and fund-providing firm to the non-profit sector. We want to have a physical presence in every region of this world. We want to be the originators of a revolutionary change in the non-profit sector, where no longer will the general population and big business be looking at it as if it were a lesser arena of value-creation and performance greatness, but a role model one. We want the non-profit sector to be admired for its accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, leadership, and innovation, thus reducing or eliminating enormous government spending and waste on similar programs. We want our clients to be the true change they envision for this world, and create the greatest social impact they possibly can using the best of methodologies, resources and thought capital in doing so.


How would the world be improved or changed if we were successful in achieving our purpose?

Non-profits would thrive in providing crucial social needs, supplanting the need for corporate or governmental intervention in this area. Non-profits would now have clear, professional, and aligned accountability to their mission, vision, and program operations. They will deliver their programs at the most efficient operating protocols, in an optimal organizational structure, and utilizing the best-in-class business processes in order to maximize the value given their people, infrastructure and contributed funds.

What are the most important services that we should continue to provide, change, or begin to offer in the next three to five years?

Our current programs, the Escalation Program, the Elevation Program, and the Ascension Program (please see Programs tab) will deliver all the benefits of top-tier strategy consulting services (please see Services tab) and funds to the non-profit space, in critical sectors (please see Sectors tab). These programs will be consistent going forward, and captures the sectors of the non-profit arena that we feel we are most capable, equipped and positioned for the 'leverage' we speak about. To service these programs to the non-profit sector, we will need to continue to offer stellar management consulting and select funds, but also more knowledge exchange through thought capital infrastructure such as research, white papers, articles, books, blogs, guest points of view, and key strategic alliances and partnerships with other non-profits, for-profits, and government agencies. It is imperative that as robust a joint offering be made to the non-profit sector, as only that will maximize value delivered. Blending top-notch consulting services, funds, infrastructure and other knowledge capital is crucial.

What staffing and benefits changes do we need to implement to better achieve our purpose?

We must increase our full-time staff as we expand our geographical reach and physical presence to match our expected growth. And we must continue to reward them with fairly market competitive rates and perhaps incentives in order to provide the best consulting services to our clients. The non-profit space, of which The Leverage Foundation is one within, is replete with lower salaries. That’s very noble and traditional. We also know that top-level management consultants in the for-profit world are very well paid individuals. We at The Leverage Foundation must bridge that gap, and structure creative ways to pay our employees who provide these top-consulting services to the non-profit sector a fair compensation for their efforts. After all, we are trying to bring down the line of demarcation in business structure and professionalism between the for-profit space and the non-profit space. However, we must also create an environment and reward system where simply large salaries and bonuses are not the sole priority. We need to create an environment where compensation is fair and competitive, but there are other attributes of value, such as a recognition and reward system, the creation of a fantastic and fun work environment, the prioritizing of the nobility in our work, and other perquisites. That way, we can compensate our top-caliber employees who are equally dedicated to the non-profit sector, without fear of losing them continually to other endeavors. We welcome this challenge, and feel that we can and will continue to recruit the ‘right’ type of people for this job. We are counting on hiring people who also prioritize the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Self-Actualization. This is a feeling of value, respect, and accomplishment that is far more reaching than just compensation and monetary remuneration.

How will our elected officials or board of directors assist us in achieving our purpose?

Elected officials are important in the sense that we would like their support in our cause. While their support is certainly not crucial to our success, it certainly would benefit society, our client base, and their constituents if politicians were firm advocates and supporters of our work. Elected officials work for the government, and what we are trying to do is relieve the government of some of their social burdens that we and our clients can deliver. Elected officials can also create formal, relevant and structured policy that is prudent to social development and encourages public wealth. As long as they prioritize the greater good, The Leverage Foundation will benefit from it, for the sake of our clients. While our jobs are not to lobby officials, we certainly will maintain some relationship with select ones due to the nature of our interactions. Strong, beneficial relationships, communication, and conduct are important tenets to the optimal success of our endeavors. We expect that our Board of Directors will continue to play a crucial, integral part of our operations in several capacities: awareness, marketing, ambassadorship, stewardship, funding, and guidance. The more The Leverage Foundation grows, the more crucial these Board responsibilities will become.

What resource development do we need to influence to better achieve our purpose?

Our resources consist of our people, infrastructure, processes, technology and relationship network. We mentioned that our people are crucial to our success. They need to be highly trained, highly motivated, and very spirited. Thus, we will hire and train accordingly. Our infrastructure will be our office space, office furniture and items, technology, equipment, intellectual capacity,and travel modes. This will grow as we grow. Our core operational processes are internal in nature in order to conduct and execute our daily work, but external focusing in terms of stakeholder relationships. Both of these working together are critical to our business model success. Technology is also crucial to any global business nowadays. We full y expect our technology platform to at the very least be able to offer modes of communication between us, our clients, their constituents, and all of our key stakeholders around the globe as we continue to grow. We also crucially depend on technology for website and resource reliability: we are anticipating offering cutting-edge and information packed research, data analysis, publications, articles, white papers and other information on our site in order to drive maximum social value. Thus technology failure is unacceptable and is a business risk that must be mitigated like every other operation. Our relationship network is basically constituted of any entity or person The Leverage Foundation touches. That is, our clients, their constituents, our Board, our suppliers, our employees, government and political officials, members of the media, and many others. Maintaining a stellar reputation with each and every one of these relationships is imperative. Only if we deliver on our promises and do them well will we achieve our purpose.

What resource development do we need to influence to better achieve our purpose?

As mentioned above, our facilities and technology must be sized for our business model. As our reach and physical presence grows, then so will our facilities and technology. Further, they must be reliable.

What infrastructure, systems, or communication changes do we need to implement to better achieve our purpose?

Infrastructure and systems will grow as we grow, as mentioned above. Communication protocols should stay intact. Our expectations are that the larger we grow, the more important communications will be. We expect to have a complete and up-to-date communications plan as part of our internal business plan, regardless of our size. Specifically, they are part of our organizational structure, RACI charts, key-value process chain. As the market changes, global economies change, or stakeholders change, we may have to adjust the communications plan. But we believe a solid, well-thought plan should anticipate and accommodate most changes, therefore we don’t expect any major overhaul in order to better achieve our purpose.

How could we more effectively or efficiently provide our services?

Effective provision of our services would be a combination of excellent networking and marketing of our services and any funds that we donate to our clients, and the value they in turn drive to their constituents. Gaining feedback and measuring metrics of success continuously will help us to understand what we are doing well, and what we need to improve in order to maximize value in our services. Continuous learning by our stakeholders of what we do, what we offer, and what we can deliver is imperative, as this also maximizes the effectiveness of our services to them. It is our job to constantly communicate and teach our extended community. We can more efficiently offer our services globally by insuring we run our business model in the most operationally excellent manner. In other words, we need to follow the same instruction we disseminate to our clients, lest we be hypocrites. If we run our people, infrastructure, processes and technology platforms as described, we should be able to be efficient in providing our services to our clients.

What makes us unique?

We are unique due to our ability to combine top-tier banking, industry and consulting knowledge into our free core consulting services. We are able to leverage this experience with outstanding academic research and rigor. Additional leverage would include the ability to offer funds to go strategically with our consulting services. Lastly, leverage is further enhanced due to key relationships we formulate with strategic private, governmental and institutional alliances, partnerships, ventures, and other relationships. We are proud of this leveraging business model. We believe that, after studying the sector for quite some time, our offering is quite rare and extremely potent. It is revolutionary and transformational.

In addition to the aforementioned, we believe our people are critical to our uniqueness. Not only are they diversified in experience and highly skilled in several fields, they are energetic, gregarious, gracious and considerate. They bring the best characteristics from the for-profit world into the non-profit world. In other words, they combine the best of people, or at least what people should be who have the capability to do so. Our people combine considerable heart, integrity, and ethics to go along with those considerable brains!

What do our clients consider most important in our provision of services? What do our clients need from us?

Our clients consider our value system and ethical standards the most important part of our services. Without our deep dedication to the non-profit sector and all the beautifully noble causes contained in it, we cannot succeed. It would not matter if we had the best and brightest people, tallest and biggest buildings, best computer equipment, most brilliant collateral, or best looking offices if we didn't have the deep passion to do what we do, and do it in the most ethical and responsible way. Our clients need that just as much as they need our consulting services, infrastructure, collateral, and funds. And we are more than happy to provide it.